Technology White Papers


We are pleased to present a series of White Papers illuminating and explaining Meridian's technology. These are PDF files unless otherwise indicated.


Meridian's technical team also publishes educational papers. Some that may interest Meridian customers are made available here.


Meridian Loudspeakers: The DSP Path by Richard Elen. Read about why Meridian speakers are the best. (Revised: Print version, 6MB) 


The Gentle Art of Room Correction by Richard Elen. Read the background to Meridian's revolutionary Room Correction system incorporated in Meridian's Surround Sound processors. Also available in a hi-res print version (4MB) 


Coding High Quality Digital Audio by Bob Stuart. This previously unpublished paper is a more complete version of the article published by Audio Magazine in March 1998. This paper was in turn a subset of the landmark paper 'Coding Methods for High-Resolution Recording Systems' presented at AES, New York in 1997 - copies of which can be obtained from AES as preprint #4639


MLP Lossless Compression by Bob Stuart et al. This previously unpublished overview was a superset of the  shorter paper presented to AES Japan 9th in 1999. Gives some background into how MLP works.


The Psychoacoustics of Multichannel Audio by Bob Stuart.  A tutorial paper on the basics of multichannel sound perception. Given to Essex University (where Bob is a visiting Fellow).  Also shorter handout notes.