Interfacing Speakerlink and Legacy Products


Installers may find it necessary to interface SpeakerLink andlegacy components in the same system, and two installation accessory products are available to make this possible: the AC11 and AC12.


Meridian AC11

The AC11 SpeakerLink Hub (right) allows the interfacing ofSpeakerLink components with existing Meridian components including DIN and/or BNC comms ports and digital audio connections. The AC11 permits the building of a complete system that includes components and loudspeakers using any of these connections. The unit is particularly useful for interfacingMeridian sources and surround controllers with DSP loudspeakers.

In a typical system, the Meridian ‘Controller’ product will be connected to the ‘Master’ Meridian Comms sockets (DIN or BNC) on the rear panel of the AC11. BNC or DIN cables can be run from the ‘Slave’ ports to and from legacy speakers.

AC11 Data Sheet and User Guide.


Meridian AC12

The AC12 is a much simpler and smaller unit, and allows you to connect up one or two products in a system consisting of both the latest Meridian SpeakerLink components, and earlierMeridian products using Meridian Comms over either 5-pin DIN connectors or BNC connectors. The AC12 is a passive component and so is completely self-contained; it does not need a power supply or mains connection.

For example, use the AC12 to:


  • Connect a recent Meridian source with a SpeakerLink output to a pair of Meridian Digital loudspeakers that do not haveSpeakerLink.
  • Connect a Meridian source that does not have a SpeakerLinkoutput to a pair of Meridian Digital loudspeakers withSpeakerLink.
  • Connect a non-Meridian source, such as a PC, to a pair ofMeridian Digital loudspeakers with SpeakerLink.

AC12 User Guide.