Configuration Tools


Many Meridian products can be configured via RS232 using Windows applications that are installed with the Common Installer. These applications are suitable for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000/ XP/Windows 7 and can be run without the product if you would like to explore them. You may be able to run these applications on a Macintosh computer by using a Windows virtual environment such as VMWare or Parallels.


Download the Common Installer here.


Controllers with USB control capability (such as the G68) can be configured using their USB port. To enable this feature you will need to install a driver on your Windows computer. You will need the D2XX Direct Drivers from FTDI.


Configurable G Series products are set up with a software tool called mconfig.exe. This application also supports the 800 Version 3 & 4, 808, and 861 Version 4. Earlier versions of the 800 Series, along with the 500 Series, require the meridian.execonfiguration application. All current Meridian products also have operating firmware that can be updated using a computer.


Meridian Sooloos Configure – This application (for Windows only) finds and manages the device settings of Meridian Sooloos products attached to the same network.